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3-Way Calling
(You must initiate both calls) Have the first party on the line, ask them to hold: Simply press flash or your switch hook to get a dial tone. Dial the third party. After they pick up you press flash or your switch hook again - and you're on a 3-Way call. 3-Way Calling is included at no extra charge. If you press flash during the 3-way call, the third party will be dropped.
Do Not Disturb
Just dial *75 from your VOIP phone to turn on Do Not Disturb, *75 to turn it off. When Do Not Disturb is on, all your incoming calls are automatically sent to your voicemail. Do Not Disturb won't affect your outgoing calls.
Emergency 911 Service
At Applewood, we provide a safe and reliable means of communication in times of emergency. E911 Dialing service operates differently than traditional 911, and because your safety is important to us, you'll just have to fill out a short form during the sign up process that tells us the exact street address where you will be using your Applewood VOIP service.
Call Waiting
Call Waiting isn't just a "beep" during your call. Combined with Caller ID with Name, you can decide if you should put your call on hold and answer it. If you choose not to answer, you can simply let the call ring through to your Voicemail.
Call Forwarding
From your VOIP phone, simply press *70, listen for the dial tone then hang up. Press *71 enter the 10-digit phone number to which all calls will be forwarded, listen for a dial tone then hang up. To cancel call forwarding, dial *70 wait for a dial tone, then hang up.
Caller ID with Name
It's automatically setup with your VOIP account. You don't need to do anything. Caller ID with Name works with Call Waiting. If you're on the phone and someone calls, you can see who it is. If you choose not to answer it, it won't keep ringing for the caller (and beeping in your ear!). The caller goes into your voicemail.
Anonymous Call Block
Anonymous Call Block lets you easily stop those annoying anonymous calls. All calls marked from callers who have deliberately blocked their Caller ID will be sent to a system message indicating that you do not accept anonymous calls. Just dial *77 from your VOIP phone to turn on Anonymous Call Block, a tone or message will confirm that you have activated this feature. To disable press *77, a tone or message will confirm that you have de-activated this feature.
Caller ID Block
Caller ID Block gives you privacy protection whenever you want it - at no extra charge. Even if the party you're calling has caller ID, your number won't appear on their phone or caller ID device. Just pick up the phone, wait for the dial tone, dial *67 to activate Caller ID Block, wait for the dial tone again - and then dial. You will need to perform this action each time you wish to block your Caller ID.
You can access your voicemail from any phone, from your VOIP phone and through your email. From your VOIP phone dial 500 to access your voicemail. From your office or cell phone dial your VOIP number, then:

1. Press * to enter your Voicemail PIN
2. Enter your Voicemail PIN
3. Press # to enter your mailbox

Press 1 to access your messages
Mailbox will automatically start with the first new message
Press 4 to play the previous message (if there is one)
Press 5 to repeat the current message
Press 6 to play the next message

Press 7 to delete/undelete the current message
Press 8 to forward the message to another mailbox
Press 9 to save the message in a specific folder
A. Press 0 to save as new message
B. Press 1 to save as old message
C. Press 2 to save as Work message
D. Press 3 to save as Family Message
E. Press 4 to save as Friends Message
Press 2 to access your message folders
Press 0 to access new messages
Press 1 to access old messages
Press 2 to access Work messages
Press 3 to access Family Messages
Press 4 to access Friends Messages
Press # to cancel
Press 0 for mailbox options
Press 1 to record your unavailable message
Press 2 to record your busy message
Press 3 to record your name
Press 4 to record your message
Press 5 to change your password
Press * to return to the main menu
In any menu you can press * for help or # to exit the current menu (or system)
During message play back, you can press # to fast-forward or * to rewind>br>