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17"(16.0" Viewable)
0.23mm(H) Dot Pitch 1280x1024@65Hz Maximum Resolution 

Plug & Play|


Dimension 18 x 7.5 x 16 (DxWxH)
Drive Bays
4 + 2 + 1
Motherboard Micro ATX, ATX up to 10.5X12.5 inches
Expansion Slots 7 Full Size
Switching Power Supply ATX 400W* P4 



Click here for more infoINTEL CHIPSET 56K MODEM W/SP V.92 v.90/92 56,000bps download Auto Diagnostic Group III fax protocol Data/Fax/Voice Function Plug & Play PCI Bus Interface Low Power Consumption Send & Receive Faxes Data/Fax/Voice High-Throughput 

$45.00 installed *

Click here for more info LG 52X E-IDE CD-ROM (OEM)

$45.00 installed *


6 feet PS2 MOUSE W/WHEEL Excellent Wheel & Auto scroll, 400dpi,


Click here for more info PS2 KEYBOARD



Click for Larger Picture1.44 Floppy Drive

$45.00 installed *

Click here for more infoMaxtor 30GB Ata100  IDE  

$125.00 installed 


Click here for more infoLITE ON 48X12X48 CDRW IDE RETAIL BOX Speed : Recording 48Xmax CAV Re-writing 12X High-Speed CLV Reading 48Xmax CAV Interface : ATAPI-E/IDE, support up to Ultra-DMA Mode2 33.3MB/sec Access Time : 80ms (typical) Buffer Memory Size: 2MB

$125.00  installed*

Click here for more info200 Watts (P.M.P.O.)
3" Full Range, Woofer
Input Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 17KHz
Magnetically Shielded
Response Low Distortion .05%



Click here for more info256 MB PC133 Ram

$69.00 Installed*

Click here for more info400 Watt P-4 ready Power Supply

$75.00 installed*


32MB of powerful memory Powered by the ATI RAGE 128 PRO graphics engine High resolution, true color (32-bit) quality graphics without performance degradation AGP Univeral Bus (for AGP 2X/4X systems) Full acceleration of OpenGL ICD, Direct3D and DirectX 7.0 3D games Top rated Hardware DVD video playback in Video2000 benchmark AGP Universal bus (for AGP 2X/4X systems)

$55.00 installed
Reduced $25.00

Symantec-Norton AntiVirus 2003
OEM - CD only

$35.00 installed


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